About US 

Little Yorkie Rescue is a small 501 C-3 Non-Profit Organization based in Lorain, Ohio. We are dedicated to finding the perfect, loving, forever home, for the perfect, loving little heart. Little Yorkie Rescue has an EIN number and is registered with the IRS. Little Yorkie Rescue saves small breed dogs that we pull from shelters, rescue puppy mill dogs and accept owner surrenders. We provide them with proper vet care, grooming and a safe environment until we approve and place them with loving forever home. We rely on the hard work of volunteers and donations in order to cover operation and vetting cost. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to take in as many stray, abandoned or surrendered Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkshire Terrier mixes as possible, providing we have available and appropriate foster homes, and provide them with foster care, behavior screening, rehabilitation, health care, with the ultimate goal of placing them in loving forever homes. It is our goal and mission to rescue Yorkshire Terriers from puppy mills, back yard breeders and breeders that surrender their retired dams. We do this to save their lives. If we did not do what we do these dogs would end up in shelters or put to sleep. We aim to educate the public about these types of breeders and the horrific conditions that knowingly place unhealthy puppies in pet shops to be sold to unsuspecting buying who just want a puppy to love and to care for. We also want to educate the public on the nature and behavior of the Yorkshire Terrier, and the duties inherent in being a responsible pet owner, which includes spaying and neutering all companion animals in order to prevent over population and unwanted animals that end up living their lives in shelters and rescues.

In order to accomplish our mission Little Yorkie Rescue needs your help!! Please consider becoming a foster, transporter or making regular donations to the rescue so that we can continue to save lives. Without the dedication of our team and the generosity of other this would not be possible and we are very grateful for all of those who dedicate their time and funding to the pets in the care of Little Yorkie Rescue.

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